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Vehicle Management Project

There is so much more to restoring a vehicle then doing a ground up restoration, throwing a "project" together or just getting something running. Just buying the right car for starters...a BIG gamble! Some are worth the money it would take to fully restore some are a complete waste of time (we get it, passion is why we do this but if you're looking getting through a project, we can look at all aspects and keep everything in check).

Some of the biggest multimillion dollar restoration weren't frame off (why?), a $20K paint job vs a $2K (what's the difference?), what is my car truly worth now, in 5 years in or 20 years? Most will try to sell you everything and play off your passion to take your money!

We have a logical approach, honest and strait forward solution. Having the wrong person restore your car can have a huge impact on the value and no, not always in a positive way. Have you ever heard you should never clean a coin or clean antique furniture?

Have us manage your project you can relax and enjoy the process and be involved with where you want to go with your car! We know what we're doing!